The Janus Management System manages, provisions, configures and monitors multiple Janus Secure Computers, with policy-based group management and operation scheduling. It is an essential component for large system deployments.

The Janus Management System can establish a baseline of user, network, and device activity. Activity anomalies will trigger notifications to administrators, assisting in the detection and mitigation of potential threats. The Janus Management System alerts key people in your organization the moment it detects unusual network activity.

The Janus Management System captures and records all user and device activity from each Janus Secure Computer. This includes: keyboard strokes; mouse movements; USB activity, display video, storage, network activity, and video surveillance of the user in front of the computer.

This information is recorded in real-time and is visually rendered into our “Non-Linear Inspection Viewer”, a multi-pane, simultaneous depiction of all SPU-processed data mentioned above. The administrator can see exactly what the computer user was doing at any given time, what websites he viewed, and whether or not he was trying to transfer data out of the system.

Real-Time or On-Demand Activity Viewing

The Janus Management System allows administrators to view all user activity either in real time, or at a later date. This capability provides accountability, accelerates forensic analysis for accidents/incidents, and documents activity for regulatory compliance. This tool can reveal user behavior. Did a user copy sensitive documents to a flash drive?

Did he or she visit forbidden websites or send a sensitive email? Was the computer user distracted, falling asleep or away from the computer? The Janus Inspection System will reveal all of these user behaviors. The Janus Inspection System can also improve employee productivity, by ensuring that employees focus on work-related functions while at a Janus Secure Computer.

Utilize the Janus Management System to manage the Janus Secure Computers in your organization:

  • Establish a baseline
  • Look for patterns
  • Identify any unusual patterns or activity
  • Receive notifications if there is any unusual activity, i.e. if large packages are being sent over DNS, this could be a sign of hacking and information being stolen.
  • Monitor user activity
  • Forensic analysis & compliance
  • Increase employee productivity



  • Web-based management portal
  • Remotely manage all connected Janus Secure Computers
  • Create profiles
  • Set policies
  • VPN
  • Whitelisting
  • Network proxy capability
  • Captures all user activity from Janus Secure Computers:
    • Keystrokes
    • Mouse movements and clicks
    • Desktop display activity
    • Video surveillance of computer user
    • Audio surveillance capability

  • Forensic analysis tools:
    • View user activity in real time
    • View and analyze user activity at a later date

Download the Product Brief (PDF)