Insider Threat

Insider threats are security breaches caused by disgruntled, malicious or naïve employees. Sometimes employees steal company records, financials or intellectual property for their own personal gain. Sometimes employees intentionally or unintentionally install malware on their work computers. Either scenario can cost the organization a lot of time and money to clean up.

Enterprises need to be able to monitor user activity on each employee computer. What keys are being typed? What is being clicked? Who is using the computer at what time? What are they talking about while using that computer? Are they transferring files to a USB stick or external hard drive? Are employees stealing sensitive company data? Have they installed malware intentionally or unintentionally?

In order to get answers to all of the questions listed above, a multitude of software products are needed.

The Janus Enterprise Security Solution features a robust user activity monitoring tool that is user-friendly and puts all of this information in an easy-to-navigate visual form that can be watched in real-time or searched later.