Many enterprises are required to comply with various regulatory organizations, but how do you ensure and prove compliance?

Maybe you are finding this task more complicated as regulations get stricter.

The Janus Enterprise Security Solution helps enterprises with compliance audits by monitoring all user activity on each computer, including keystrokes, mouse clicks, desktop activity, audio and video.

The Janus Inspection System clearly shows who was operating each computer at what time, and what they were doing on the computer. What keys did they type, what did they click with the mouse? Did they type something and then erase it? Did they forget to save or accidentally click out of an application and lose their work? Was the operator distracted or falling asleep at the time of an incident?

If employees utilize the Janus Collaboration Suite, all phone conversations can be recorded and audio displayed alongside keystrokes, mouse clicks, display and webcam video.

All user activity is stored in an easy-to-navigate visual interface, and can be watched in real-time from an administrator’s computer, or analyzed at a later time for regulatory compliance assurance.